Spirit levels

LAP ALU - Spirit levels - model EXACTA

LAP ALU - Spirit levels - model EXACTA

Measuring accuracy of 0.3 mm/m in normal position and 0.75 mm/m in inverted position. Walls are thicker, strengthened with ribs outside and walls inside, hereby increasing their rigidity and resistance to deformation.

Horizontal vial with fluores- cent background allows measuring also in places lacking the light.


  • With one horizontal and one vertical plexiglass vial – order code LAP2.
  • With one horizontal and two vertical plexiglass vial – order code LAP3.
  • Level can have two milled measuring surfaces ( F ) up to 120 cm length, for more reliable measuring in all positions.
  • Level can have two ergonomic hand-holds ( R ) in-built, made of high - quality plastics for better handling; from 60 cm length.
  • Level can have a plastic hanger with an euro-hole ( O ) on end caps.
  • Level can have extra strong magnets (M).
  • RAL 1021 yellow coating.
  • Lengths : from 40 cm up to 250 cm.
  • Optional printing of customer logos.


  • Milled measuring surfaces (F)
  • Ergonomic hand-holds (R)
  • Hanger with a euro-hole (O)
  • Extra strong earth magnets (M)

Example of order: EXACTA spirit level with 3 vials, 120 cm, milled, with hand - holds and a hanger: order code LAP3 120 FRO



Beside usual measurements, the inclination can be measured with assistance of a digital electronic sensor in the region from 0° to 360°.
Display selection for the measured values is expressed in °, %, and mm/m.
Display on LCD monitor in steps of 0.1° or 0.1% or 1 mm/m.
Digital display of the necessary vial movement to reach the inclination 0°or 90°.

Switch on and off of a warning
signal for the measured value 0°and 90°, in all modes of display.
Measured values are saved with the HOLD button.
The electronic part is calibrated simply and quickly.
Accuracy 0.1° in the area 0° to +/- 10° and 90° to +/- 10°, in other areas 0.2°.
Automatic switch off in 6 minutes if inclination modification is not higher than 1.4°.
Loading: battery 9V – standard (alkaline), in delivery scope, duration: 500 working hours.
Packaging in a strong, transparent, plastic tube.
Lengths: 60 cm and 80 cm.
Illustrative Order: EXACTA ELECTRONIC spirit level, length 60 cm: LAP2060E


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