General manager speech

The company Tovarna meril Kovine d.d. is one of the major European producers of metal measuring instruments for the construction industry.

Our company has a rich 109 years old tradition on which we are particularly proud. Our rich tradition represents one of our major competitive advantages which we have to use to the best of our knowledge. This is also a guarantee for our customers, that they will receive a technically perfected product, which arises from our experiences and innovations through the years of our development.

The purchase of almost 3000 m2 production and business buildings from our next-door company made a growth of the production and of the sales possible. We organized new technological lines, improved logistics and revived our traditional program of wooden folding rules – so called “Zollstock” and modernized our technology.

We expand every year our sales to new markets and win new customers. We export 87 % of our whole production to more than 40 countries all over the world. Also our domestic market recognitions our quality and tradtion therefore we stay dominant on the market also in the future.

In our comprehensive production program, with spirit levels as the core product, we managed to enforce our trade name for almost half of our products and achieved herewith a better recognition of Tovarna meril Kovine d.d. products. We do complete technology and production process in own factory.

It is particularly noteworthy that our products are well known among professional users. We are particularly proud of our own development and production of measuring semi-products - pleksi spirit level vials. We are continuously developing and improving this product line, which is very demanding in terms of quality and technology. Our production processes are supported by optical, electronic and computer control devices, which are indispensable in our endeavours to meet strict quality standards.

Our production goes hand in hand with quality, which is an integral part of the entire business operations and is supported by the international quality standard ISO - 9001/2015.

Our products compete in terms of quality and long useful life. Market capacities are limited and competitors, in particular Eastern competitors, are getting stronger. The presence of our products is especially strong in the West European countries. Thus, our market activities are intensified also in the eastern regions. We are independently present in many international fairs and regularly participate in the Practical World fair in Köln.

Our competitive advantages are dispersion of sales and tailoring to individual customers' requirements, all of which strengthens our market position. We estimate our share on the European market of spirit levels to be considerable. We know how to exploit our competitive advantages such as quality, bargain prices, rapid response, short delivery and adaptability. We estimate that we have a very important market share on the European market with our program of spirit levels and screeding levels.

Our business and financial goals are ambitious and pose a formidable challenge to the Company's management team. These are new products and higher production.

Our mission is to attain the targets through adequate development, innovativeness, quality, adaptability and all-out efforts to satisfy our customers. Thus, our efficiency will be rewarded with a visible success.

Rudolf Franc VEROVNIK, Mech.Eng.
General Manager

Quality measuring tools since 1904