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ML Wooden folding rule

ML Wooden folding rule

Made of high-quality beech wood.
Section thickness: 3 mm, section height: 16 mm.
Accuracy: class III.
Lengths: 1 m, 2 m.
Colours: white (code MLB), yellow (code MLR), white/yellow (code MLK), transparent lacquer (code MLN).
Other colours on agreement.
Different scales on first section: standard double scale (S) and advertising scale below (R). For advertising - printing of customer logo sideways or on first section, one or two-sided.
Max. print size sideways, possible for all types of wooden rules: 110 x 20 mm.
Max. print size on the model with the scale below: 60 x 5 mm.

Order instruction: ML + colour + length in m + scale-type. Example:

  • wooden folding rule, white, length 2 m, one-sided scale below: MLB2R
  • wooden folding rule, yellow, length 1 m , standard scale: MLR1S
  • wooden folding rule, white, length 2 m , advertising: MLB2M


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